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music is art is music

July 15, 2011

Leah Houghtaling and Amelia Sauter have been collaborating on musical endeavors since 2007.  After their first project disbanded (The Black Eyed Susies), Leah began focusing on composing original music and writing soundtracks. The two recorded the soundtrack for the short film Hens and Chicks (Nice Girl Films, 2010). A year later, Leah composed a digital multi-instrumental soundtrack for Poker Face (Nice Girl Films, 2011).

Eclectic describes a lot of bands, but Leah and Amelia truly embody this term. Their works and live performances cross genres. They have embraced the simplicity of old-time music while respectively plucking banjo and bass playing original ballads, and melted butter with their sweet classic harmonies such as when singing homegrown country tunes and covering Everly Brothers and Gillian Welch songs. Funk and swing spice up Leah’s soundtracks, with pop and punk rock even showing up in exactly the right places.

Currently, Leah and Amelia perform as a duo under the name ‘Salty Pink,’ and they also play and sing in a band frontlined by indie rocker Mary Lorson (Madder Rose, Saint Low). Additionally, they occasionally sing backup vocals for Americana legend Jennie Lowe Stearns. Leah writes soundtrack music as often as possible, and Amelia works on crafting words into stories whenever inspiration pinches her bum.



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